Born in Lincoln, Nebraska, Shohreh grew up traveling back and forth from her hometown in Russia, to the United States. She officially moved to Los Angeles at the age of twelve. During her acclimation to the new lifestyle, Shohreh experienced a great culture shock. After many failed attempts to fit in, she began to embrace her true sources of inspiration: history, art, design, and her grandmother's jewelry. Shohreh's grandmother had a vast collection of handcrafted jewelry, purchased from around the world. Each piece she owned had distinctive designs and gems that resembled the countries they were from; the unique pieces were embedded with jewels such as pearls, diamonds, turquoise, rubies, onyx, and emeralds. The gems served a purpose, either for protection, love, or balance, each jewel had a narrative. The jewelry that inspired Shohreh was not only embedded with jewels, but with personality and culture. The pieces were unique not because of the designs, but because they were rich with history. As Shohreh learned to embrace her own individuality, she was able to discover her identity.

At i-DENTITY L.A., we believe in giving a voice through fashion. We do this by designing pieces, growing our community, giving back, and making decisions in inclusive and customer-devoted ways. Self expression is an art, as well as an incredible conduit for connection. Character is a craft, not an item.

    With love,