Welcome to the "Meet the Designer" page!

We are thrilled to introduce you to the woman who founded our jewelry brand - Shohreh Khalilova. Her story is one of resilience, creativity, and cultural richness that has inspired the unique designs you see in our collections.

Shohreh is from Central Asia, Tajikistan (former USSR), and their upbringing is deeply rooted in the country's political history. Shohreh's grandfather, served as Prime Minister of Tajikistan. Abdumalik Abdoulladjanov was the first democratically elected president of Tajikistan. He had a vision to transform the country into the "second Singapore and Switzerland." His aim was to create a prosperous and democratic country, where people could live freely and peacefully. He believed in democracy and worked towards promoting human rights, social justice, and economic development. Abdumalik's dream was shattered when his close allies betrayed him, and Tajikistan fell to a dictatorship, forcing him to flee his country in exile.

Shohreh, on the other hand, was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, but spent most of her childhood traveling back and forth between her hometown in Russia and the US. She moved to Los Angeles when she was twelve years old and experienced a great culture shock. She found it challenging to fit in and struggled to make friends. Shohreh felt like an outsider, and her attempts to blend in were met with disappointment. Despite life's struggles, she found inspiration in her grandmother's collection of handcrafted jewelry, which had gems and designs from around the world. The unique pieces were not just beautiful but also rich with history and culture. Each piece had a story to tell, and Shohreh found solace in their individuality. As she began to embrace her true sources of inspiration, including history, art, design, and her grandmother's jewelry, she discovered her own identity.

Today, as the founder of i-DENTITY.L.A., Shohreh draws inspiration from her cultural heritage, infusing traditional motifs and designs into her work.  Shohreh is proud of her Tajik roots and her ability to share her cultural heritage with the world through her designs.

Shohreh decided to start her own jewelry brand, which would reflect her cultural heritage and unique styles. i-DENTITY.LA is a fusion of traditional and modern designs, with a focus on using high-quality materials and craftsmanship. i-DENTITY.LA is dedicated to creating beautiful pieces that tell a story and evoke emotions.

At i-DENTITY L.A., we believe in giving a voice through fashion. We do this by designing pieces, growing our community, giving back, and making decisions in inclusive and customer-devoted ways. Self expression is an art, as well as an incredible conduit for connection.

Character is a craft, not an item.

    With love,